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TopoPlanner tool is designed to specifically meet the needs of engineers, architects and designers using Autodesk products. Using the easy-to-use, wizard-driven interface, you can import georeferenced  raster imagery directly from your favorite mapping server (Google, Bing, ESRI...) into the AutoCAD drawing. Unlike similar products available on the market, TopoPlanner does not require Google Earth nor other 3rd party applications installed on the local computer to be able to access raster maps or related spatial information. It also minimizes the Internet bandwidth by caching previously fetched raster imagery in several different ways. Moreover, TopoPlanner does not rely on AutoCAD Map's spatial reference system library but rather uses its own SRS management, thus providing much precise coordinate transformation results.

Please read following chapters before start using the tools:

Once installed and set-up, TopoPlanner provides following functionality:

GeoCrew also provides additional TopoPlanner manuals and tutorials: