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Holixa Infra Suite represents set of professional software tools targeting field of civil engineering with a strong emphasis on utility and infrastructure planning, design and maintenance. Certain tools act as standalone applications, while other use AutoCAD and its verticals as an underlying CAD platform. It enables integrated, organization-wide access to spatial and asset information for GIS, engineering, operations and business teams. The power of Infra Suite lies in its scalability - it's equally utilized both on single workstations, as well as on corporate-wide networks. Besides off-the-shelf functionality, Infra Suite provides pluggable architecture and platform-agnostic API, both acting as base blocks for building custom infrastructure design and management solutions. It represents flexible framework that can easily be configured to support user's specific processes, and can be integrated with existing business systems without the need for expensive proprietary tools or middle-ware. Its major highlights include:

Getting Started With Infra Suite

This manual will lead you through following topics common to each specialized application's extension: