Selecting Map Layers


Selecting Map Layers  wizard page enables specifying picked web mapping service's layer(s):

Selecting Map Layers wizard page

This wizard page provides following sections:

It also provides following navigation buttons:

Layer Properties

WMS layer represents a basic unit of geographic information that may be requested as a map from a server. The layer element can enclose child elements providing metadata about the layer. The meanings of those metadata elements are described in the table below:




Represents a narrative description of the map layer.


Name of the map layer.


Human-readable name of the map layer. It also appears in the layers tree picker on the right side of the wizard page.


If true, indicates that the layer represents an area-filling coverage. For example, a map that represents topography and bathymetry as regions of differing colors will have no transparent areas. The opaque declaration should be taken as a hint to place such a layer at the bottom of a stack of layers.


If true, indicates that WMS server supports GetFeatureInfo operation on that layer.


If true, indicates that the layer was obtained from an originating server and then included in the service metadata of a different server.


If true, indicates that the server is able to make a map of a geographic area other than the layer's bounding box.


Represents a graphical legend of the layer contents.