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KLIP Assistant is designed to specifically meet the needs of engineering companies, contractors, subcontractors, utilities, or any other organization that needs to be able to define building sites. Before starting any new infrastructure work out in the field, a "planaanvraag" (Site, Request) needs to be defined. The aim is to avoid or minimize damage to existing infrastructure when working in the field. Depending on the site's geographic location in Belgium, a different (on-line) service is provided to define the site. There's both Kabel en Leiding Informatie Portaal (KLIP) and Federaal Kabels en Leidingen Informatie Meldpunt (KLIM) services support. This service then informs the possibly involved organizations. The involved organizations then respond by sending information about the position of their infrastructure out in the field. Responses can be in different formats: digital (email, download link), or paper sent by mail

KLIP Assistant is helping them managing the complete process and follow up of a site:

Unlike the on-line services available on the market today, KLIP Assistant runs as a standalone windows application, where sites can be defined off-line first and sent in bulk afterwards. When a site is successfully uploaded, you get immediate feedback about the involved organizations. The application can be used for both KLIP and KLIM site requests.

Please read following chapters before start using the tool:

GeoCrew also provides additional KLIP Assistant manuals and tutorials: