Task Error Resolution


Task error resolution defines a way of handling potential irregularities during the course of executing a series of tasks (a job). Each task may identify "an error" differently, based on tasks' specific purpose and action it performs. General rule of thumb is that irregularity represents a situation requiring user's attention and possible manual fixing, and is described in this manual for each task separately.

Task Error Resolution Actions

Please keep in mind that tasks represent automated way of casting ordered series of actions over set of features where potential irregularities may break this sequence in unexpected ways. FDF provides identical set of error resolution actions for each task, although each of described events may get fired by different cause - depending on the task implementation.

Task Ignore Error Resolution Settings

As previously explained, in case the task is being run on AutoCAD platform and if cause of an error is a feature - it will get stored on specific layer. The error itself will get treated as a warning, and will not cause tasks execution to stop. Related settings are stored in Options → Feature Editor → Tasks section: