Schema Capabilities


Schema Overrides

This allows GeoView to customize the mappings between Feature (logical) Schemas and the Physical Schema of the Provider data store. Schema Mappings will be customized through Schema Override sets. Each Feature Schema may have a number of associated sets, one per data store provider that the Feature Schema might be applied against.

Foreign Schemas

Access data stored in schemas created by third-party applications.


Describes a relationship between classes. The association has properties that describe the linkage between the classes being associated. The linkage can be one-to-one or many-to-many.

Data Property Constraints

Specify that a property or list of properties taken together have unique values for all objects of that class in a data store. A unique constraint that is based on a list of two or more properties is called a composite unique constraint. This constraint type applies to all data property types except for Boolean, BLOB, and CLOB. A Boolean property can be included if it is part of a composite unique constraint.


Supports feature class hierarchies.

Object Properties

Supports class properties whose type is a class.