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For many organizations, such as governments, utilities, telecommunication providers, engineering firms, and construction companies, geospatial data is critical to doing business. However, many of these organizations are not able to fully utilize their geospatial data because it is stored in many locations - desktops, file servers, CAD (computer-aided design) servers, GIS (geographic information systems) servers, and web servers. Similar data is managed redundantly by different people and across departments - engineers, GIS specialists, and information technology (IT) personnel; each functional entity using, storing, and managing the same data in a unique way.

In this environment, sharing data is a tedious process that often generates errors, reduces productivity, and sometimes leads to costly mistakes. For example, information used by a GIS team in planning and analysis is frequently recreated by engineers in the design phase. Similarly, GIS professionals find ways to import CAD information into their systems, but often find data stripped of much of its valuable engineering detail and attribution - such as text and dimensioning that exist in CAD drawings that isn't typically preserved or read by GIS applications. Because engineers must start designs and rebuild data rather than beginning from a common data source, such as a GIS, organizations lose time by failing to leverage existing and up-to-date data.

If everyone could use data from a common source and continually update it with current information, the entire organization would save time and money while minimizing repetitive tasks. Holixa Infra Suite made this common data source accessible via feature data store subsystem:

Feature Data Objects (FDO) technology enables Infra Suite-based software to directly and natively access spatial data stored in files and relational databases, as well as connect to web services. FDO technology helps increase productivity, saving time by enabling users to seamlessly work on a variety of spatial and non-spatial databases and files without translation and consequent loss of data.