Provider for Oracle Server


Provides read/write access to feature data in an Oracle-based data store. Supports spatial indexing, long transactions, and persistent locking. A custom API can gather provider information, transmit client services exceptions, list data stores, and create connection objects.

Deletion Restrictions

This section describes restrictions that apply when performing deletion in a schema while using data store provider for Oracle:

Locking and Long Transactions

The purpose of this section is two-fold. First, it illustrates ways of understanding the subtleties of the interactions between locking and long transactions in an Oracle context. Secondly, it provides concrete examples of those subtleties. An FDO long transaction version is called a workspace in an Oracle context. In this discussion, the FDO phrase "long transaction version" is shortened to "long transaction". A key phrase in the example is "root," which represents permanent data. Any long transaction has a root long transaction as an ancestor. The Oracle Workspace Manager (OWM) name for the FDO root long transaction is "LIVE".

The Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle creates tables in the FDO data store that are not automatically version-enabled. Therefore, when you create a new Oracle data store using the default options, the resulting table is not version-enabled, so persistent locking and long transaction are not supported.

OWM is used for versioning and persistent locking support. To enable versioning, you must execute the EnableVersioning.sql script in the ../com sub-folder. This will enable the tables for OWM. Use SQL*Plus to execute the scripts.

Before executing the scripts, the following conditions must be true: