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Package Class
Provides information related to installed (MSI) package. Package consists of either a single application or a set of application modules (a.k.a. extensions). This class is compliant with general installation guidelines. It means that it's dependand on the package installation routine, and vice-versa.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: FDF.Common
Assembly: FDF.Common (in FDF.Common.dll) Version:
public sealed class Package

The Package type exposes the following members.

Public methodPackage
Initializes a new instance of the Package class
Public propertyStatic memberComponents
Returns preinstalled package components (application modules).
Public propertyStatic memberCredentials
Returns package credentials settings.
Public propertyStatic memberDebug
Returns package debugger settings.
Public propertyStatic memberExtensions
Returns registered package extensions (custom application modules).
Public propertyStatic memberFeatures
Returns preinstalled package features (MSI).
Public propertyStatic memberFolders
Returns preinstalled package folders.
Public propertyStatic memberHost
Gets or sets application's host type.
Public propertyStatic memberHostName
Returns application's host name.
Public propertyStatic memberLanguage
Returns package language abbreviation.
Public propertyStatic memberLicense
Returns package license settings.
Public propertyStatic memberLocalMachineKey
Returns root HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE path to the package registry key.
Public propertyStatic memberManufacturer
Returns package manufacturer name.
Public propertyStatic memberManufacturerSupportUrl
Returns package manufacturer's support URL address.
Public propertyStatic memberManufacturerUrl
Returns package manufacturer's URL address.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxCores
Gets or sets maximum number of utilized cores. If less or equal than 0 then all available cores will be used.
Public propertyStatic memberMaxErrors
Gets or sets maximum number of errors being spawned.
Public propertyStatic memberOrganization
Returns registered organization (company) name.
Public propertyStatic memberPartialMenus
Returns preinstalled package CUI partial menus.
Public propertyStatic memberPlatform
Returns package target platform architecture.
Public propertyStatic memberProductCode
Returns package product code (GUID).
Public propertyStatic memberProductName
Returns package product name.
Public propertyStatic memberProductTitle
Returns package product title.
Public propertyStatic memberProxy
Returns package proxy server settings.
Public propertyStatic memberRelease
Returns package release version.
Public propertyStatic memberResources
Returns preinstalled package resources.
Public propertyStatic memberSettings
Returns current user's settings.
Public propertyStatic memberUpdate
Returns package update server settings.
Public propertyStatic memberUserName
Returns registered user name.
Public propertyStatic memberUserNameSystem
Returns OS current user name.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureHostInstance
Returns True if no host application(s) interfere with running instance, otherwise returns False.
Public methodStatic memberEnsureSingleInstance
Returns True if this application has no multiple instances running, otherwise returns False.
Public methodStatic memberGetHelpTopicUrl
Public methodStatic memberGetPackageStringValue
Returns string value from package.ini file.
Public methodStatic memberGetTypeInstance
Public methodStatic memberHasHost(MsiHostType)
Returns True if application runs on specified host, otherwise returns False.
Public methodStatic memberHasHost(MsiHostType)
Returns True if application runs on any of the specified hosts, otherwise returns False.
Public methodStatic memberInitialize(Form)
Public methodStatic memberInitialize(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
Initializes this package.
Public methodStatic memberInitialize(IntPtr, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
Public methodStatic memberInitialize2
Public methodStatic memberInitializeInternals
Public methodStatic memberOpenHelpTopicUrl
Public methodStatic memberOpenUrl
Public methodStatic memberRunProcess
Runs specified process within a package domain. Returns True if process ran fine, otherwise returns False.
Public methodStatic memberTryGetProcessOutput
Public eventStatic memberComponentLoaded
Raised if preinstalled component gets successfully loaded.
Public eventStatic memberComponentLoading
Public eventStatic memberExtensionLoaded
Raised if extension gets successfully loaded.
Public eventStatic memberExtensionLoadingFailed
Raised if extension loading fails.
Do not hard-code file and folder paths in your application - rather utilize this class to get predefined locations and data. This is recommended way of getting package information since installation procedure is subject to regular change.
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