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FDF.Common Namespace
Public classBitmapTransform
Public classDataFilter
Public classDataFilterExpression
Public classDataFilterItem
Public classDocXReader
Public classDocXWriter
Public classFdfEnumerableListT
Represents a list of enumerable members.
Public classFdfFlagEnumConverter
Type converter for enumerators.
Public classFdfLocalizedObject
Public classFdfNamedObject
Represents a base class for objects with named instances.
Public classFdfNamedObjectListDictionaryT
Public classFdfNamedObjectReferenceListT
Public classFdfNamedObjectSetT
Represents a set of named members.
Public classFdfObject
Supports all classes in the .NET Framework class hierarchy and provides low-level services to derived classes. This is the ultimate base class of all classes in the .NET Framework; it is the root of the type hierarchy.
Public classFdfQueryableKeyedCollectionU, V
Public classFdfQueryableListT
Represents a list of queryable members.
Public classFdfReportViewer
Public classFdfSerializer
Public classFdfVersion
Public classFdoFeatureViewer
Public classFirewallException
Public classMsiComponent
Represents a preinstalled extension instance.
Public classMsiComponentCollection
Represents a collection of preinstalled components.
Public classMsiCredentials
Represents set of static (constant) credentials.
Public classMsiDebug
Represents set of static (constant) debugger parameters.
Public classMsiFeature
Represents a preinstalled feature instance.
Public classMsiFeatureCollection
Represents a collection of preinstalled features.
Public classMsiFolder
Enables access to predefined, installation-governed locations where application files (set of files which actually constitute an application) are being stored.
Public classMsiFolderLocal
Provides access to locally installed files.
Public classMsiFolderUserCache
Public classMsiLicense
Provides license-related information.
Public classMsiProxy
Public classMsiResources
Public classMsiSettings
Public classMsiUpdate
Provides update server data.
Public classPackage
Provides information related to installed (MSI) package. Package consists of either a single application or a set of application modules (a.k.a. extensions). This class is compliant with general installation guidelines. It means that it's dependand on the package installation routine, and vice-versa.
Public classUomAngularUnit
Public classUomAreaUnit
Public classUomLinearUnit
Public classUomManager
Extension class providing global unit of measure (UOM) capabilities.
Public classUomMeasureT
Public classUomScalarUnit
Public classUomUnit
Represents a base class for units of measure.
Public classUomUnitCollectionT
Public classUomVelocityUnit
Public classVoidReader
Public structurePackagePartialMenuItem
Structure governing single preinstalled package CUI partial menu.
Public interfaceIFdfEditable
Interface providing customized object instance reflection capabilities.
Public interfaceIFdfEnumerable
Interface enabling object instance distinction by it's name.
Public interfaceIFdfLocalizable
Interface providing type localization capabilities.
Public interfaceIFdfMergeableT
Interface providing data merging capabilities of two or more object instances.
Public interfaceIFdfObject
Public interfaceIFdfQueryable
Interface providing object instance validation capabilities.
Public interfaceIFdfSerializable
Interface providing feature instance serialization capabilities.
Public interfaceIFdfUpgradeable
Interface providing object instance versioning capabilities.
Public enumerationDataFilterBinaryOp
Public enumerationDataFilterComparisionOp
Public enumerationDomSchemaStore
Feature schema data store location.
Public enumerationFdfMergeableResolution
Public enumerationFdfSerializerFormat
Public enumerationKeyType
Public enumerationMsiHostType
Current package host type.
Public enumerationMsiLicenseSchema
Licensing schema.
Public enumerationMsiLicenseType
License type.
Public enumerationMsiLicenseUsage
Current licensing schema usage type.
Public enumerationMsiPlatformType
Installed package platform type.
Public enumerationPackageOption
Public enumerationUomAngularUnitFormat
Angular units representation enumeration.
Public enumerationUomLinearUnitFormat
Linear units representation enumeration.
Public enumerationUomLinearUnitGroup
Public enumerationUomRounding
Public enumerationUomUnitType