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FdoFeatureCollection Methods

The FdoFeatureCollection type exposes the following members.

Public methodAsDictionary
Returns a dictionary of features classified by specified element attribute.
Public methodAsElementDictionary
Public methodAsGeoJson
Public methodFilter(Element)
Public methodFilter(IFdoFilter)
Returns feature collection satisfying specified filter conditions.
Public methodGetElements
Returns all elements from feature collection. If no elements were found, returns empty collection.
Public methodGetGeometry
Returns either simple or aggregate geometry out of all features geometries in a collection. If no geometry was found, returns empty geometric set.
Public methodGetMultiGeometry
Public methodTryGetDataSet
Public methodTryGetMetaPropertyAggregate
Returns aggregate value for specified meta-property, type out of all features in a collection. Optional parameter enables specifying output value type - either a single value or collection of values. Returns True if specified value types were found, otherwise returns False.
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