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Digital signature is used by GeoCrew to digitally sign the installer and certify that it has not been altered or compromised by a third party. While software purchased from a retail store is typically considered to be relatively safe, programs downloaded from the Internet are often treated with suspicion because of the widespread proliferation of viruses and malware. Users are already wary of applications that they download and install; and unsigned code presents frightening warning messages in an attempt to limit the chance of malicious code harming a user's PC, device, or network. However, GeoView installer is fully digitally signed by the digital certificate issued by GlobalSign certification authority - indicating that the installer and it's binaries belong to the publisher, and has not been corrupted with malware.

To verify GeoCrew certficate, you need to right-click on Setup.exe and select Properties menu option, then switch to Digital Signatures tab page:

Installer's digital signatures page

When you select the digital signature and click on Details button, the Digital Signature Details dialog gets displayed:

Digital signature information General tab page

Digital signature information Advanced tab page

To see the Certificate details, click on View Certificate button in Digital Signature Details dialog's General tab page:

Digital certificate's General tab page

Digital certificate's Certification Path tab page

A public key certificate, usually just called a certificate, is a digitally signed statement that binds the value of a public key to the identity of the GeoCrew that holds the corresponding private key. One of the main benefits of certificates is that hosts (you) no longer have to maintain a set of passwords for individual subjects who need to be authenticated as a prerequisite to access. Instead, the host merely establishes trust in a certificate issuer. Supplied digital certificate is based on the X.509 v3 certificate standard, and contains following information: