Miscellaneous Installation Parameters


Specifying Alternative Compiled Script

By default, Setup.exe looks for a compiled script file named Setup.inx. To specify a different name for the compiled script file, use the /f option, as in:

Setup.exe /f"myscript.inx"

Setup Language ID

Users can use the /L switch with the decimal language ID to specify the language used by a multi-language installation program. For example, the command to specify Dutch (NL-nl) language is:

Setup.exe /L1043


The /w argument forces Setup.exe to wait until the installation is complete before exiting. If you are using the /w option in a batch file, you may want to precede the entire Setup.exe command-line argument with start /WAIT. A properly formatted example of this usage is as follows:

start /WAIT setup.exe /w

Delay-initialization of the Setup

Specifies the amount of time (in seconds) by which initialization of the setup is delayed after Setup.exe is launched. For example:

Setup.exe /delayedstart:<number of seconds>

Using the /delayedstart option is recommended when manually launching an additional setup after reboot (for example, by using the RunOnce key). The delay allows the operation system to initialize completely; this prevents the problems - such as Remote Procedure Call (RPC) errors - that can occur if a setup initializes before the operating system has initialized completely. The recommended delay length is 30 seconds.

Note that this option is not needed when the setup starts automatically after reboot (for example, due to a call to SdFinishReboot before reboot).

Always clone and run from the temporary directory

The /runfromtemp parameter allows the setup author to always clone the setup and run it from the temporary directory, even if the setup does not meet the conditions for running from the temporary directory. This parameter is ignored if the setup is a self-extracting executable file (.exe).

Clone release to a temporary location and run from that location

The /h option instructs the engine to automatically author a setup that supports Setup.exe cloning, in cases where cloning is required (for example, multi-disk setups). If you need to do this manually, pass /h to Setup.exe and it will clone itself to a temporary location and run from that location.

Suppress all progress dialogs

Suppresses the display of any small and standard progress dialogs that might be shown during initialization. The small progress dialog is usually used for installations that display a splash screen during initialization, since a standard-size progress dialog does not leave any space for the splash screen. Specifying the /hide_progress option hides the small progress dialog for those installations, so end users would see just the splash screen without any progress indication.