Namespace: FDF.Common.CoordinateSystems
Assembly: FDF.Common (in FDF.Common.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
publicenum classCrsCoodinateSystemType


Member NameDescription
Affine2D or 3D coordinate system with straight axes that are not necessarily orthogonal.
Cartesian1D, 2D, or 3D coordinate system. It gives the position of points relative to orthogonal straight axes in 2D and 3D cases. In 1D case, it contains a single straight axis. In the multi-dimensional case, all axes shall have the same unit of measure.
Cylindrical3D coordinate system consisting of a polar coordinate system extended by a straight coordinate axis perpendicular to the plane spanned by the polar coordinate system.
Ellipsoidal2D or 3D coordinate system in which position is specified by geodetic latitude, geodetic longitude and (in 3D case) ellipsoidal height. The ellipsoidal height direction is exactly perpendicular to the surface of the ellipsoid.
Linear1D coordinate system that consists of the points that lie on the axis of a linear feature, for example a pipeline.
Polar2D coordinate system in which position is specified by distance from the origin and the angle between the line from origin to point and a reference direction.
Spherical3D coordinate system with one distance, measured from the origin, and two angular coordinates. Not to be confused with an ellipsoidal coordinate system based on an ellipsoid "degenerated" into a sphere.
GravityRelated1D coordinate system dependent on the Earth's gravity field used to record the heights (or depths) of points. In general the gravity field is not exactly perpendicular to the surface of the ellipsoid used to model the earth.

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