Class Description
Public class BitmapTransform
Public class DataFilter
Public class DataFilterExpression
Public class DataFilterItem
Public class DocXReader
Public class DocXWriter
Public class FdfEnumerableList Represents a list of enumerable members.
Public class FdfFlagEnumConverter Type converter for enumerators.
Public class FdfLocalizedObject
Public class FdfNamedObject Represents a base class for objects with named instances. This class is abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic)abstractMustInherit and so cannot be instantiated.
Public class FdfNamedObjectListDictionary
Public class FdfNamedObjectReferenceList
Public class FdfNamedObjectSet Represents a set of named members.
Public class FdfObject
Public class FdfQueryableKeyedCollection
Public class FdfQueryableList Represents a list of queryable members.
Public class FdfReportViewer
Public class FdfSerializer
Public class FdfVersion
Public class FdoFeatureViewer
Public class FirewallException
Public class MsiComponent Represents a preinstalled extension instance.
Public class MsiComponentCollection Represents a collection of preinstalled components.
Public class MsiCredentials Represents set of static (constant) credentials.
Public class MsiDebug Represents set of static (constant) debugger parameters.
Public class MsiFeature Represents a preinstalled feature instance.
Public class MsiFeatureCollection Represents a collection of preinstalled features.
Public class MsiFolder Enables access to predefined, installation-governed locations where application files (set of files which actually constitute an application) are being stored.
Public class MsiFolderLocal Provides access to locally installed files.
Public class MsiFolderUserCache
Public class MsiLicense Provides license-related information.
Public class MsiProxy
Public class MsiResources
Public class MsiSettings
Public class MsiUpdate Provides update server data.
Public class Package Provides information related to installed (MSI) package. Package consists of either a single application or a set of application modules (a.k.a. extensions). This class is compliant with general installation guidelines. It means that it's dependand on the package installation routine, and vice-versa. This class cannot be inherited.
Public class UomAngularUnit
Public class UomAreaUnit
Public class UomLinearUnit
Public class UomManager Extension class providing global unit of measure (UOM) capabilities.
Public class UomMeasure
Public class UomScalarUnit
Public class UomUnit Represents a base class for units of measure. This class is abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic)abstractMustInherit and so cannot be instantiated.
Public class UomUnitCollection
Public class UomVelocityUnit
Public class VoidReader


Interface Description
Public interface IFdfEditable Interface providing customized object instance reflection capabilities.
Public interface IFdfEnumerable Interface enabling object instance distinction by it's name.
Public interface IFdfLocalizable Interface providing type localization capabilities.
Public interface IFdfMergeable Interface providing data merging capabilities of two or more object instances.
Public interface IFdfObject
Public interface IFdfQueryable Interface providing object instance validation capabilities.
Public interface IFdfSerializable Interface providing feature instance serialization capabilities.
Public interface IFdfUpgradeable Interface providing object instance versioning capabilities.


Structure Description
Public structure PackagePartialMenuItem Structure governing single preinstalled package CUI partial menu.



Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DataFilterBinaryOp
Public enumeration DataFilterComparisionOp
Public enumeration DomSchemaStore Feature schema data store location.
Public enumeration FdfMergeableResolution
NestedPublic enumeration FdfSerializer.Format
Public enumeration KeyType
Public enumeration MsiHostType Current package host type.
Public enumeration MsiLicenseSchema Licensing schema.
Public enumeration MsiLicenseType License type.
Public enumeration MsiLicenseUsage Current licensing schema usage type.
Public enumeration MsiPlatformType Installed package platform type.
Public enumeration PackageOption
Public enumeration UomAngularUnitFormat Angular units representation enumeration.
Public enumeration UomLinearUnitFormat Linear units representation enumeration.
Public enumeration UomLinearUnitGroup
Public enumeration UomRounding
Public enumeration UomUnitType